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SoulCollage® is a process of self-discovery and creativity that has proven to be a valuable therapeutic tool when used by licensed therapists and professionals as a part of their practice.

The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is designed to address the issues which arise when using the process with clients. CE credits are available.

Training Goals

  • Prepare therapists to facilitate SoulCollage® competently and 
    confidently with clients (as individual clients, in groups, and in workshops.)
  • Demonstrate to therapists how to use intuition and imagination (using images, gestalt, and community support in the SoulCollage® method) to help clients find meaning and guidance for their lives.
  • Demonstrate to therapists the benefits to clients of making and using   SoulCollage® cards, to be able to explain and facilitate this method with clients they assess as prospective beneficiaries, and to identify in what ways a client might need encouragement to best utilize the method.

Objectives—Participants will be able:

  • To compile appropriate art therapy materials for SoulCollage® work so that the client may fully utilize the method to identify images that have meaning for him or herself and create collaged cards from those images.
  • To describe and demonstrate how SoulCollage® utilizes intuition and imagination to help clients guide their lives by using the cards in a gestalt process.
  • To describe ethical principles (scope of competence, scope of practice, safety, non-exploitation of clients, dual relationship) that apply to work conducted with the SoulCollage® method.
  • To assess which clients might benefit from SoulCollage® and to create a safe container for clients doing SoulCollage® work in individual or group sessions.
  • To describe the components of a safe and welcoming container for a client from any ethnicity, sexual preference group, gender or religion..

Therapeutic Applications

Here is a sampling of therapeutic applications with various client populations and contexts where licensed therapists who are also SoulCollage® Facilitators have found SoulCollage® useful with their clients. View the full list here.

Addictions Recovery & Treatment
Career Counseling
Community Development
Diversity & Cross-Cultural Issues
Grief and Loss (Hospice, job loss)
Healing & Health-Related Issues
Spiritual Direction & Pastoral Counseling
Children’s Groups (divorce, etc.)
Organizational Development

Anger Management
Adolescents at Risk
Blessing Rituals
Conflict Resolution
Dream Work
Couple Therapy
Eating Disorders
Family Therapy

“The practice of SoulCollage® creates an invitational space for nebulous ideas and instinctual urges to land as concrete images, which can then be accessed by consciousnesses. I find it especially useful when working with psychospiritual material, whether my own or that of a client, which has a hazy, undefined, pre-conscious and pre-verbal quality.”


Sushmita Mukherjee, PhD, New York, USA

SoulCollage® Facilitator

Theoretical Elements  

A paper, “The Theoretical Basis and Therapeutic Elements of the SoulCollage® Method” (Download PDF) [others are listed in Resources below], has to do with the psychological origin, the theoretical basis, the therapeutic elements, and a few of the therapeutic applications of the SoulCollage® method.


The list of resources below may be useful in the following ways: 

  • Learning the psychological elements of the SoulCollage® method
  • Answering workshop questions from therapist participants
  • Establishing credibility with your licensing Board so they will accept CEs for your retaking the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training. (There’s lots of new material in our Training now and it’s a fun way to earn CEs and reconnect with your Facilitator Community.)
  • Establishing credibility with administrators for using or teaching SoulCollage® in an institution of higher learning
  • Establishing credibility to provide in-service workshop for professionals (Trained Facilitators, please see the “SoulCollage® Facilitator Guidelines for SoulCollage® Facilitators” first).
  • Establishing credibility for a conference presentation application
  • Applying to be an individual provider of continuing education for therapists


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Frost, S. B. (2008). Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage®. Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead.  Audio

Sirabella, S. and Taylor, K. (2017). “The Theoretical Basis and Therapeutic Elements of the SoulCollage® Method.” Santa Cruz, CA: SoulCollage Inc. Download PDF.

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Wiedermann, T. T. (2018). “The Clinical Practice of the SoulCollage® method, based on Jungian psychology.” Download PDF.

Ziegler, K. (2020). “The Big Picture: Using SoulCollage® in Psychotherapy.” CA. Download PDF.

Weiss, N. and Raphael, J. (2013). How to Make MeCards4Kids™: Creative expression for children and the grown-ups in their lives. Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead.

Wolfer, S. (2015). “SoulCollage®: Cross Cultural Applications for treating depression and other behavioral health challenges.” In Brooke, S. L. and Myers, C. E. (2015). Therapists creating a cultural tapestry. Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd. Download PDF.

“My SoulCollage®️ deck helped me get my current job working as a therapist in an expressive arts therapy practice when I relocated to New Hampshire. Feeling nervous going into the job interview, I took the time to consult my deck. I asked, “Who can help ground me and center myself for this interview?” As always, my Neters were there for me with the perfect answers. I put the three cards I had drawn in my folder with my resume and ended up sharing the story of my reading with the interviewer (now my boss)! I love where I work and have presented trainings for my colleagues as well as using SoulCollage®️ in my work with clients.”


Elizabeth Greenberg, Southern New Hampshire

SoulCollage® Facilitator

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