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“Set a Spell” with SoulCollage®

Flute & Oboe (Committee Suit)

I Am One Who transports you back to a time in your childhood when you needed to relax after a busy day, when Daddy played his favorite jazz record from the living room to lull you into dreamland as you snuggled under the bedcovers with your beloved Flopsy. Set a spell and let the music fill your mind and carry your stress away into oblivion.   

I’m one of those people who grew up thinking that unless I was physically busy all the time, I wasn’t being productive — an idea that unfortunately has followed me into adulthood. However, I also love the idea of sitting still in peaceful meditation and feel it is a productive way of spending my time. But try as I might (many times, many ways), I have not yet been able to master the art of the quiet mind. Oh, I can sit quietly for some time, with my eyes closed, listening to wonderfully soothing music while repeating a proven mantra over and over. I can look the part, yet somehow my mind refuses to cease its incessant chattering. So I gave myself permission to admit that maybe traditional meditation methods aren’t what I need in order to quiet my mind. Then, quite unexpectedly, I stumbled into the right way for me in the oddest of places, a busy city street corner.

My personal SoulCollage® practice had already been providing me with many of the same meditational benefits; any time I can be creative (in any form), I become centered, escape the world, and get lost in the process. But what I was looking for was something that I could call upon anywhere/anytime to quiet my restless mind. Back to the busy city street corner. Continue reading at the World of SoulCollage® Community and visit the archive of Past Articles.


SoulCollage® Evolving Book
SoulCollage® Evolving Book
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Come, let us sit down together for an hour or so and each of us will create a collage! What? You are not an artist? Not true. Using the SoulCollage® process everyone becomes an instant artist, and we also become explorers of Soul.(SoulCollage® Evolving Book, p. 1)
~ Founder Seena B. Frost
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