Why people become Facilitators


Most become Facilitators because they are spilling over with enthusiasm about their own SoulCollage® cards and want to share with others the fun, beauty and personal transformation the method has brought them.

But there are many roads to SoulCollage® and then to the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training. Here are some of the reasons people tell us they found SoulCollage® and why they wanted to learn how to facilitate the method for others:

Anyone can find more energy and balance from a SoulCollage® practice and want to share it with friends, family, co-workers, or community groups in a simple and empowering way. Some people want to use SoulCollage® to help others through their journey with grief, in women’s/men’s groups, church groups and other organizations.

Therapists, nurses, or other licensed professionals want to help their clients access their own intuition directly and use SoulCollage® to navigate life changes. CEs available for licensed professionals.

Artists can find a new dimension in their art. Sharing with others brings surprising revelations, greater self-understanding, and the enriching acceptance of light and shadow at play in our lives.

Healers and people seeking to heal see in SoulCollage® a gentle yet deep self-care method that reveals their inner guidance by exploring and “becoming” images and by using their cards to do SoulCollage® readings.

Spiritual Directions and individuals seeking spiritual renewal find this a creative way to access their own deeper guidance and wisdom and feel called to share with like-minded others.

Caregivers support their own growth and self-care and learn how to introduce SoulCollage® to the person for whom they are caring and/or his or her family members.

“I feel affirmed in the work I’ve been doing and encouraged to do more! I feel connected now to a supportive community of “like minds”!! I have resources now to expand working with SoulCollage® … You have given me a great gift!”

Mary F. Mathews, Clinton, NY

SoulCollage® Facilitator
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