Consulting Your SoulCollage® Cards


When you consult your SoulCollage® cards, you are using cards created from images that called especially to you. Through these unique cards you are revealing your own intuitive wisdom connected to what we often call Spirit or Higher Power to answer your question in the present.

SoulCollage® Trainer Marcia Chadly demonstrates a four-card SoulCollage® Reading. She asks her SoulCollage® cards the question, “What ideas do you have for me today?” and the cards speak their answers.

A Four-Card Reading Demonstration 5:45

SoulCollagers love to experiment with new ways for using SoulCollage® to summon their inner guidance and find often surprising answers to important questions. Here are some basic elements to apply when consulting your cards.

  • How you ask your question is important. It should be open-ended, not one easily answered by “yes” or “no”. It should be a question that matters to you and be in writing.
  • Draw four cards and leave them face down. One at a time, turn each one over. The cards often offer a synchronicity between their images and the question you have asked in that point in time.
  • The four cards each offer four perspectives on the question. Each Neter on the cards speaks (using the I Am One Who… exercise, and then What I have to say to your question is… ).
  • Then, reflecting on the four cards together as a pattern can often reveal a holistic perspective that provides intutitive guidance related to your question.
Imagine learning to make your own personal deck of divinatory cards and then learning to consult them! You can do it! Each SoulCollage® card you make will reflect one facet of your Self and or Soul, while the evolving deck will reflect the whole panorama which is “you” as a whole Being — your SoulCollage. I guarantee you will cherish your cards as if you were holding yourself in your hands. Bit by bit, you will be making them, fanning them out, putting this and that into perspective in your life, and overall, discovering your inner wisdom.
~ Seena B. Frost, SoulCollage® Founder

SoulCollage® Facilitator Karen Mann shares her love of SoulCollage® — making cards, journaling with them and reading them.

“Why I Love SoulCollage®” 1:16

“Through SoulCollage® I am able to embrace my masculinity in a gentle way with self-love and kindness. As a facilitator, I am able to help bring other men into this process.”


Victor Narro, CA, USA

SoulCollage® Facilitator


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