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SoulCollage® begins as simple creative fun that may suddenly surprise and awaken you! Create your own deck of cards with deep personal meaning to help you with life’s questions. All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards, and images.

Founder Seena Frost shows you how easy it is to make SoulCollage® cards.
An Invitation to SoulCollage – Founder Seena Frost – 6:03

Find your images

“What a journey it is to sort through a box of “virgin” images. I am in “beginner’s mind”, a true explorer asking questions of each of the images on the pages.” Read SoulCollage® Facilitator Noreen Donahue’s story about the magic of images.

Make a Card in 5 Easy Steps

SoulCollage® Facilitator Sue Gelber’s step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to make a SoulCollage® card. Learn how.

I Am One Who…

“From the time you tear out your first image and wonder what it symbolizes, begin to use the I Am One Who… Starting with that phrase, let the image speak to you through your own voice.” Seena Frost describes this process in an excerpt from SoulCollage® Evolving.

Learn and share in community

At World of SoulCollage®, a private, ad-free, global online community designed especially for creative, transformational communities like ours, you’ll find a wide variety of online and in-person events led by trained SoulCollage® Facilitators. Learn, make cards, and share your experiences with others who are going deeper into the SoulCollage® method together. Discover your wisdom and change your world™!

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A creative space to explore and empower your unique self

“Dorothy had ruby slippers that carried her fully into her imagination and home again. I have SoulCollage®!”


Karen Hackett, Glen Arbor, MI, USA

SoulCollage® Facilitator


SoulCollage® Evolving Book
SoulCollage® Evolving Book
Getting Started Kit
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Read on to discover new ideas, inspirations and connections with the SoulCollage® community. Perhaps you have read “SoulCollage® Evolving”, have made a few cards, and now you are ready to learn more about the World of…

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SoulCollage® FAQ

SoulCollage® is an easy, enjoyable, intuitive collage process for self-discovery and community. People make their own decks of collaged cards for their personal use from found images. The SoulCollage® method helps people discover their unique inner/outer…

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