“I Am One Who…”


From the time you tear out your first image and wonder what it symbolizes, begin to use the I Am One Who… process to let the image speak to you. This is not the same as analyzing or interpreting the image, ways your logical mind will want to use. This is an intuitive way of listening to the self and a well-respected form of empathic participation. Using I Am One Who… we can experiment with tuning into the essence of something or someone, feeling what they would feel, and hearing what they say. It injects life and surprising consciousness into what looks at first like just a photo.

At first it may seem awkward or childish to speak aloud this way, but trust that there is “gold” in this process, and give it a try. You can begin practicing the I Am One Who… with an image you have just torn out, and later with images on the cards you create. It will be a primary tool in the personal readings you do with your cards, and I’ll describe how those are done in a moment.

Benelli Babies ~ Colleen Benelli

First gaze deeply at your image. Is it a person? A child? Is it an animal? Perhaps a cat? Is it a non-being? Perhaps a tree? Step into the image and feel its energy, its mood, its intention. Imagine it has a history, and that it has a voice. Begin to speak, or write if you are journaling, using the words, I Am One Who… and go on from there, describing yourself as if you were the image, where you are, what you are doing, giving little personal descriptions.

These two activities: 1) finding a compelling image and then 2) speaking aloud and spontaneously from this image, are the two core pieces of the SoulCollage® process.

Under many of the cards in this book you will be able to read a few of the I Am One Who… words that the creator of each card has recorded. Look at the images and then read these. This will give you a good feel for this practice.”

An excerpt from the SoulCollage® Evolving Book by Seena Frost

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