SoulCollage® FAQ

SoulCollage® is an easy, enjoyable, intuitive collage process for self-discovery and community. People make their own decks of collaged cards for their personal use from found images. The SoulCollage® method helps people discover their unique inner/outer guides and challengers, and access their own wisdom to answer their life questions.

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Read on to discover new ideas, inspirations and connections with the SoulCollage® community. Perhaps you have read "SoulCollage® Evolving", have made a few cards, and now you are ready to learn more about the World of SoulCollage®.

The One and the Many

“In brief, here is my position and the one on which I have built the SoulCollage® practice: I am one whole, unique person and, at the same time, I am made up of many parts. You are the same. Your family is many and yet one family. So also is our nation, our planet, our solar system, our universe. All life, and indeed all that exists, is nested into Oneness, like those little Russian nesting dolls.