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Your SoulCollage® Deck is the Story of You!

Create a unique deck of colorful, collaged SoulCollage® cards with deep personal meaning. Consult your cards, discover your inner wisdom and find answers to life’s questions. Anyone can enjoy this fun, powerful and satisfying method.

In SoulCollage®, you collage one aspect of yourself on one card at a time. Perhaps you look through a magazine and see a picture of a mother comforting a child that just grabs you and asks to be placed on a SoulCollage® card.

Then you find a background that supports the “Caring Self” energy, maybe add a couple of other images if it feels right, and, voilà, you have made your first card!

As your SoulCollage® deck grows you can learn a simple, elegant structure of “suits” that make it easy to use, share, and consult or “read” your cards for inner guidance on specific life questions.

You may enjoy using your SoulCollage® cards along with personal practices like journaling, dream work, labyrinth walks, personal therapy, and life review.

Many licensed therapists use the SoulCollage® method with their clients as an expressive arts technique.

Your SoulCollage® story begins with just one card…

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