How the Paradigm Shifts


An article excerpted from Seena B. Frost’s SoulCollage® & Paradigm Shift audio. She wrote and spoke these words in 2011 and they are true today. It is more obvious almost a decade later that systems are changing; our new paradigm values are more often becoming actions. We are changing.

Did you go online, watch TV or read a newspaper this morning? Pretty harsh and depressing news, for the most part, isn’t it? Our nation and the world appear to be fragmenting and slipping into chaos. Clarissa Pinkola Estes has characterized the mood of our time as like being in a crouch position. And you know and I know that staying long in a crouch position is hard! It strains the body, mind and spirit. One’s whole self gets rigid, and a feeling of separateness can set in.

While in a crouch, individuals and nations, do a lot of ‘line in the sand’, either-or, talking and acting. Little time is spent balancing or even investigating the shenanigans of one’s own inner self. Am I exaggerating?  Perhaps yes, when you check in with yourself personally. But I probably do not exaggerate the general, overall mood of our planet. Crouching is a good descriptive word for the physical feeling of fear. People are scared and angry.

At the very same time, there are more and more people stretching. People are awakening to a sense of a new age coming, of a world united, of partnership across differences; people are examining the root causes of our turmoil, and demanding big changes, economic changes, military changes, and even social and spiritual changes. The Occupy Wall Street movement is an example. There’s a huge cry for change towards balance.

Many people are also putting tentative feet onto new transformative, spiritual paths, paths with a world view that is inclusive of all people and all faiths and which is not escapist, but truly earth embracing. There are millions of people standing up from their crouch position. They are stretching arms up and out towards each other, calling for change, determined to help bring in an altogether new paradigm.

Right now, in our historic time, this change is happening. Right now, today, in the chaos that has spread across the world. SoulCollage® is one creative and evolving practice that people can choose.

In the new paradigm we’ll partner much more than compete, and this is not an easy shift for most of us to make. The element that SoulCollage® offers is the opportunity to be in a community where we create with images and imagination and intuition and where we keep our competitor parts and our judgmental parts in check.

In this community we can show our inner parts, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, without fear of rejection. Instead we find ways to share our deep wisdom and our inevitable stupidities. This is one integral element in SoulCollage®, and it is also present in communities where a positive shift of human consciousness is happening; we start listening to diverse points of view inside ourselves. We need to learn to listen to our own inner perspectives, to our many internal guides and challengers.

Let me do a quick roundup of the seven elements that are integral to both SoulCollage® and to the Evolutionary Shift.

  1. Interrelatedness of all beings on this living planet and the special uniqueness of each and every one.
  2. Building of safe communities where diverse people can share with one another spontaneous wisdom, and where it will be listened to, written down and honored
  3. Flexibility of soul that allows and even encourages people to honor the diverse perspectives both inside themselves and in the communities of the world
  4. Cultivation of creativity
  5. Rising of the Feminine (developing and using empathic, relational energies, that will balance masculine, rational and action oriented energies)
  6. A formless, ever-present Oneness that is experienced as Love and felt to have intention.
  7. Laughter and humor, which is at the heart of serious change.

SoulCollage® Solidarity Statement

June 19, 2020

We at SoulCollage® stand together as fierce advocates in solidarity with and support of Black Lives Matter. We are haunted by the deliberate and heinous murder of George Floyd at the hands of white police officers. We are outraged and saddened for those who have been devastated by racism in the United States. We are heartbroken for all those experiencing irreparable loss and grief right now.

George Floyd’s last words, “I can’t breathe!”, are indelibly emblazoned into the collective conscience of the world. His legacy is breathing life into the modern cries of Black souls still struggling to find freedom and fully belong to this country that claims to prize liberty and justice for all. The Black voices of physical, educational, economic, and socio-political alienation and oppression are flooding our streets. For too long, white privilege has allowed many of us to turn a “blind eye.” But what is done to one is done to all. Continue reading…

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