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Three choices are presented: Slideshow, Thumbnails, and Card Search. The Slideshow has some enhancements as described above and the Thumbnails and Card Search operate similarly to Version 1. When viewing a card image, you can now zoom in or out on the image by pinching it to see more detail.

View Cards/Slideshow

The Slideshow can present the cards from first to last, or last to first, or randomly. Once the Slideshow is in motion, tap the appropriate button at the bottom to control the speed. At any time, you may tap the Pause button to pause the show and then scroll forward or backward to look at the cards. Tap a card image to view the Card Summary and make notes if desired. Then, return to the Slideshow to pick up where you left off.

View Cards/Thumbnails

Thumbnails of all Active cards are displayed, sorted alphabetically by name or by date. Tap an image to see the Card View, where you can now pinch the image to zoom in or out. Tap the text at the top to view the Card Summary and make notes if desired.

Enter parameters to define your search. For example, you might enter a few characters of the card name to locate a particular card. Or cards with a particular month or year. Or you can view all the cards of a particular suit. You can enter multiple parameters to further narrow the search, such as all cards with “dog” in the name in the Companions suit. You can also view your Retired cards from here.

Retired Cards

When a card no longer speaks to you, you can Retire it. This will prevent the card from appearing when you do a new 4-Card Reading or Draw One Card or in the Slideshow and Thumbnails. However, it will still appear in the Past Readings for which it was previously drawn. We strongly recommend that you Retire your old cards and do not Delete them.

Delete a Card

When viewing a Retired card in Summary view, a trash icon will appear in the upper right. Tap that icon to Delete the card. As above it is recommended to keep your Retired cards and not Delete them.

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