App Version 1.3


Version 1.3 of the App has been released! See below for a list of upgrades and improvements. Thank you to everyone who sent in their feedback and suggestions about how we might improve the App!

You are able to update it through the App Store, the same as any other app. Please note:

  1. DO NOT delete the old version of the pp before updating. If you delete the old version, all of your App data will be deleted and you will have to restore it through iTunes from your previous backup, after downloading the new version of the App. On the other hand, if you simply update the App without deleting the old version, all of your data should remain intact.
  2. BE SURE to back up your data before updating the App. In spite of what should happen as per #1 above, things can go wrong when an App is updated. Having a backup provides an extra measure of protection at all times, especially when making changes.

Version 1.3 Improvements and Fixes

  1. The App has been upgraded to conform with the standards of the latest iOS releases.
  2. When doing a 4-Card Reading, it is now possible to specify that one card should be drawn from each of the four suits. In the previous version, the cards were selected entirely at random. This brings the App into conformity with Seena’s original vision of how the Reading should be done. The old option to draw four cards at random remains as well.
  3. When we View Past Reading, the summary screen which displays the list of past Readings now displays the first line of the Notes below the Date and Question.

    NOTE: Due to design issues which made it impossible to implement correctly, this line of Notes has been removed in Version 1.3.1.
  4. Various problems with the drop-down menus and screen positioning when typing and dictating have been fixed.

Version 1.3 Known Problems

  1. Sequential Slide Show does not work on the iPhone. OK on iPad. NOTE: Fixed in Version 1.3.1.
  2. Thumbnails display does not respond properly to touch at the bottom of the screen. NOTE: Fixed in Version 1.3.1.
  3. When we View Past Reading, the summary screens sometimes does not display the correct Note.

    NOTE: This feature is removed in Version 1.3.1 due to design issues which made it impossible to implement correctly.

App Capacity

Many people ask how many cards the App can support. There is no absolute answer to this, as it depends upon the speed of your device, the amount of available memory on the device, and the complexity of the card images. Newer devices with plenty of memory should support hundreds of cards. Please send us your feedback about the number of cards in your deck. Thanks!


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