4-Card Reading


Enter your Question for the Reading, and four cards are drawn at random and displayed face down. Retired and Transpersonal cards are not included. You can choose between having the cards drawn completely at random, or one from each of the four suits. Use care in entering the Question as (per Seena’s strong belief) it cannot be edited once the cards are drawn. 

Tap on each card to reveal it and (optionally) go to the record for each card to review the card and its notes and to make new notes for the card. Once all four cards have been revealed, continue to make notes for the Reading as a whole. Once complete, you can save the Reading and revisit it in the future.

View Past Reading

All of your 4-Card Readings are saved and can be reviewed at any time using this function. You will see a list of all the past Readings and can tap on one to review it. You can toggle back and forth between the Question and the Notes and add new Notes to the Reading as well.

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