World of SoulCollage® Community

Why a World of SoulCollage®?

Our world is changing and evolving, and so is SoulCollage®! We built this official online SoulCollage® community for the tens of thousands of dedicated SoulCollagers around the world and the more than 4,000 Facilitators in 50 countries.

The World of SoulCollage® is a private, ad-free, community-building social network designed on the Mighty Networks platform which especially supports transformational communities like ours. And there’s a mobile app! 

Whether you are getting started with a few cards or you have been enjoying making cards for your SoulCollage® deck for years, you will find people here who have important interests and values in common: creativity, self-discovery, integrity, inclusivity and cooperation.

What happens at the World of SoulCollage®?

  • Sharing: Support, discussion (similar to Facebook, but private, and there are no ads).
  • Inspiration: We swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared passion for SoulCollage®.
  • Connection: Other people who share our interests, who live near us, who do the same things, and who care about the same topics.
  • Learning: Events, courses, workshops, SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings, professional development
  • Mysterious transformation that happens when we share our deep exploration with other people who want to support and empower us through our transitions.
  • Co-Evolving of SoulCollage®: Shaping a growing, new paradigm, worldwide organization by your participation in it.

Stop by and explore for yourself!

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A creative space to explore and empower your unique self

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