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Whether you are new to SoulCollage® or a regular visitor here, we designed our new website with you in mind. We hope you enjoy its bright contemporary style and being able to personalize your experience with a variety of articles, videos, and resources. You’ll find lots of images and a site that is easy to navigate and search. We hope you like it as much as we do! Here is a great place to get started.

Our world is evolving and so is SoulCollage®.

Many months ago we began revamping the SoulCollage® website to better serve our mission and growing international SoulCollage® community. Then our world began shifting in dramatic ways, and so did our plans. We realized it was time to take a fresh look at reshaping our online presence.

Our mission is training and supporting SoulCollage® Facilitators around the world to create safe, inclusive, cooperative, and creative communities where anyone can “discover their wisdom and change their world” through the practice of SoulCollage®. We decided to complement the new website with an online global community network capable of expanding with us into the future, but how?

In the midst of our redesign, we learned about Mighty Networks, an ad-free online platform that serves transformational communities like ours. We soon realized this was the answer, an opportunity to support a growing and thriving online SoulCollage® community, and we got to work.

We are excited to tell you that we have launched the new official online World of SoulCollage® Community, where dedicated SoulCollagers around the world can share, learn, connect, and find inspiration together. At World of SoulCollage® you will find Facilitators, workshops, Facilitator Training listings, online courses, connections, and many opportunities to deepen your understanding and practice of SoulCollage®. You are invited to stop by and explore our community’s new virtual home.

Our new website and the World of SoulCollage® were created to help you discover your wisdom and change your world through the practice of SoulCollage®. Enjoy exploring! We welcome your feedback.

SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift

SoulCollage® Founder Seena Frost spoke passionately about SoulCollage® and its role in the planetary paradigm shift that so many believe is occurring now. She spoke of SoulCollage® as one of many evolutionary practices for waking people up to the changes needed to cross over into a new way of being humans together.

We recognize the deep interconnection of all life, even as we celebrate the uniqueness of every person. We recognize that for human life to thrive, it is also best lived in a human community that is supportive and compassionate. One essential aspect of the new paradigm will be the human capacity to embrace diversity and to be flexible enough to listen to differing perspectives, even as we remain clear and secure in our own. Our very diverse world is becoming more of a global community every moment because of all our incredible technology. A tolerant way of listening and relating is becoming more and more essential to our survival. More than ever, we need to be able to practice cooperation.
~ Seena B. Frost, SoulCollage® Founder [1932 – 2016]

Watch Seena’s video [2:36] and learn more.

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