App FAQs

How do I bring my SoulCollage® cards into the App?

Read Add-a-Card Tips for helpful instructions.

Can I use this App on my iPad?

Yes. The latest version of the App is “universal”, meaning that it is optimized for use on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Can I use the App on multiple devices? If so, do I have to pay for the App for each device?

Yes, you can use the App on multiple devices. Per the policy of Apple, you may install the App on a number of additional devices without paying again, provided that these devices share the same Apple ID. So, if you have the App already installed on one of your devices, when you go to install it on the second device, it should allow you to install it without making an additional payment, so long as it is registered under the same Apple ID. Please contact Apple sales support if you have any issues with this. Read Using the App on Multiple Devices for helpful instructions.

How do i get my card data from one device to the other? Does it sync automatically?

It is not possible to sync automatically between multiple devices, but you can move your card data to another device by backing up on the first device and then restoring to the second. See App Backup and Restore for full instructions on this topic.

If you are upgrading to a new phone or other device to replace your old one, you can transfer the App data directly to the new device with the Apple Quick Start Method. Instructions on using the Quick Start Method can be found in the How to Transfer Files section at the end of the Backup & Restore post.

How many cards will the App support?

Many people ask how many cards the App can support. There is no absolute answer to this, as it depends upon the speed of your device, the amount of available memory on the device, and the complexity of the card images. Newer devices with plenty of memory should support hundreds of cards. Please email your feedback about the number of cards in your deck, and be sure to upgrade to Version 1.3 if you have a lot of cards. Thanks!

Does the App work in both portrait and landscape orientation?

The App itself works only in portrait orientation as all of the screens are laid out to optimize this orientation. However, both portrait and landscape cards will display correctly within the card window on the screen. Landscape cards will generally appear a bit smaller, as the card display window is slightly taller than it is wide.

What should I do if the App freezes?

Occasionally, the App may freeze or go into a loop, particularly when preparing backup files. Generally, you will be able to recover from this by simply closing the App and then re-opening it again. If this fails, you may have to delete the App from your device and reload it. Then you will have to Restore the data from your most recent backup, so we recommend that you back up your data frequently!

What is the latest version of the App?

Version 2 of the SoulCollage® App is expected to be released Fall 2023. Thank you to everyone who sent in their feedback and suggestions for improving the App. Check our App page for updates.

Where can I obtain more information about the details of the App?

Please see the tiles at the bottom of this screen, which contain links to posts which contain many details about the app and how it operates.

Why is the App so expensive?

App development is very expensive. It is true that there are many apps out there which are very complicated and which you can purchase for as little as 99 cents. However the marketplace for those apps is for millions customers, so it is a reasonable possibility for those developers to recoup their development cost and possibly make a profit. In contrast, there are only about 5000 SoulCollage® Facilitators, and only a modest percentage of those have so far purchased the app. Even after many years of successfully selling the App, we have yet to recover the initial development cost for creating it. This is OK, as our feedback indicates that the App has been a wonderful tool for those who use it in enhancing their SoulCollage® experience by making their cards more accessible, keeping track of past readings, and in demonstrating the process to others.

Why is there no Android version of the App?

App development is very expensive (see above), and we do not have the resources to create an Android version of the App at this time. If you know anyone who is a skilled app developer and who might be interested in a joint venture to develop the Android version of the App, please let us know. If you are interested in an Android version, please send us your feedback.

Contact us

Have an idea?
Email us with any ideas you have to make this SoulCollage® App even better.

Have a problem?
Please email us with your questions and concerns! We want to do anything we can to improve our App and make it easier for you to do your personal SoulCollage® practice using it. Your feedback is important! Contact us.


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View Cards

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App Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore functions are greatly simplified on Version 2 of the App. Backup can be performed with just a few taps of the screen, so please backup often in case your device becomes lost or…

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Solidarity Statement

We at SoulCollage® stand together as fierce advocates for all Black lives. We are haunted by the deliberate and heinous murder of George Floyd at the hands of white police officers. We are outraged and saddened…

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The SoulCollage® Scholarship Fund is a small fund started in 2008 to encourage inclusiveness and access to SoulCollage® for under-served populations. In addition to financial need, applicants who want assistance with their SoulCollage® Facilitator Training tuition…

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