Facilitator Journey


Community, Support & Continuing Education for SoulCollage® Facilitators

Facilitator Journey is a Learning Path at World of SoulCollage® designed specifically to provide professional development opportunities for trained SoulCollage® Facilitators. If you are a trained Facilitator committed to playing an active role in helping change your worlds through sharing the SoulCollage® process with others, Facilitator Journey was created with you in mind.

Before the World of SoulCollage®, we could only dream of being able to learn from each other and make the kind of inspiring connections that we have cherished at conferences for a few days once every few years. Now Facilitators can have the experience of a conference every day, with more connections, and at a fraction of the cost online.


  • Private community to connect, learn and share with other Facilitators
  • Exclusive structured content and and continuing education opportunities
  • Free subscription to Personal Journey community
  • Monthly Live Zoom Workshops hosted by SoulCollage® Trainers & Facilitators (Facilitator and Personal Journey workshops)
  • Access to special interest Villages (Healing Grief, Labyrinth, Dreamwork and more).
  • 40% discount on products at Hanford Mead Publishers

Experience Facilitator Journey

A free, 30-day trial is available to SoulCollage® Facilitators who are new to Facilitator Journey. To get started, email info@soulcollage.com to request access.

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